The Perfect Cup of Matcha

At Yum Matcha®, we know how busy life gets. That’s why it’s important to slow things down when you can. Whether you use traditional matcha, or our on-the-go Yum Matcha® packets, we hope you enjoy the perfect cup of matcha every time!

Traditional Matcha Tea (serves 1)


  • 1-3 small scoops of matcha powder
  • ¾-1 cup hot water.


  • Add matcha powder to a bowl or cup, using the traditional scoop (¼-¾ tsp.). 
    • Adjust to taste.
  • Add a little hot water and whisk in an M-shape with a bamboo whisk or small whisk, until the mix becomes a paste.
  • Once the paste is formed, add the remaining hot water and stir. 
  • You’re done!

Yum Matcha® (serves 1)



  • Add Yum Matcha® packet to water.
  • Shake or stir matcha until dissolved.
  • You’re done!


While traditional matcha takes minutes to prepare properly, Yum Matcha™ is ready in an instant!

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