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Your Puns Are Just Waffle!

Waffles are a beloved breakfast staple on tables around the world in many different forms. But no matter how you order your waffles, there’s no time to eat them quite like National Waffle Day! 

Matcha Donuts!

Go nuts for matcha donuts! 🍵💚🍩 These Yum Matcha™ cake donuts give a sweet finish to any balanced breakfast! The batter is 100% sugar-free, and the donuts are baked not fried, so you can enjoy less sugar and fewer calories than similar products you’ll find at the store or donut shop! Ingredients (Yields 6 donuts)Continue reading “Matcha Donuts!”

The Perfect Cup of Matcha

At Yum Matcha®, we know how busy life gets. That’s why it’s important to slow things down when you can. Whether you use traditional matcha, or our on-the-go Yum Matcha® packets, we hope you enjoy the perfect cup of matcha every time! Traditional Matcha Tea (serves 1) Ingredients 1-3 small scoops of matcha powder ¾-1Continue reading “The Perfect Cup of Matcha”

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