Matcha Recipes

As soon as you try our matcha recipes you’ll want to thank us later. So we’ll just say it now…
You’re welcome.

a cup of matcha tea

The Perfect Cup of (Yum) Matcha

Ah yes, the reason for our existence. The magnificent Yum Matcha Tea: Ceremonial grade, sugar-free (oh yes), organic, and only 5 calories. Now that is what we call matcha made in heaven. And guess what? Because we love it so much, we made quick, easy, and simple instructions for how to make matcha tea using any kind of matcha powder (not just ours). Try it out and prepare for peace and serenity.

Matcha Waffles

How to Make Matcha Waffles

Yum Matcha knows how important your morning routine is, especially when it comes to breakfast. Can you think of the first thing you ate this morning? As a matter of fact, if it was waffles, pancakes, or cereal, you’re not the only one. These are all common morning meals we love, but they’re not always the healthiest way to begin your day. You can easily substitute them for oatmeal or chia pudding, but why give up these delicious meals when you can just add matcha to the mix?

matcha oatmeal

How to Make Matcha Maple Oatmeal

Start your morning with a heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal! But not just any oatmeal. Can you guess what the secret ingredient is? It’s super tasty, 100% sugar-free, and contains about 20% of your daily recommended fiber. Not to mention it’s also got a ton of antioxidants, is green, powdery, and completely organic. Once you get a bite of this uber-healthy oatmeal, not only will you thank us, but your body will also thank you.

Sweet and Green

matcha donuts

Matcha Donuts!

Go nuts with Yum Matcha donuts! At Yum Matcha, we’re all about living your best life and eating the things you love most without having to worry about the “consequences.” That’s why everything we make, from our matcha powder to our matcha recipes, is organic or natural like these donuts. Basically, you’ll never go back to eating boring donuts again. Since these treats are baked and not fried, these sweet snacks will have you begging for more. 🤤

How to Make (Yum) Matcha Ice Cream

We know one thing is for certain: matcha was made for more than just tea. Sometimes you get matcha powder as a topping for an acai bowl and sometimes you get matcha iced tea from a trusted coffee shop – it’s popular for a reason. But be honest, there are only so many foods that truly make us jump for joy. Can you guess what kind of food that is? If you thought of something dessert related, well… you’re not wrong! Any kind of dessert works when you add matcha to it. So we made… MATCHA ICE CREAM!